Phone numbers of the company of Kozhikode (KL)

Name Address Phone Number Fax number
1 Tek Soumyalam Building Opp. Hotel Maharani Puthiyara , Puthiyara, Kozhikode (KL) 4952725099 Calicut, Kozhikode (KL) 9730250422
3 g Mobile World Delma Building Mavoor Road , Puthiyara, Kozhikode (KL) 4952727858
3 Star Enterprises 14/23j Southern Trade Twr Francis Road Junction , Chalapuram, Kozhikode (KL) 4952305814
3-g Mobile World No. 6/263 Ymca Cross Road , Vellayil, Kozhikode (KL) 4954040556
3d Multimedia Kannankandy Chambers 2nd Floor Movoor Road Above , Puthiyara, Kozhikode (KL) 4953042598
3g Mobile Witco Building Mavoor Road Arayadathupalam , Mavoor, Kozhikode (KL) 9895112299
3g Mobile World Calicut, Kozhikode (KL) 49556212574
3g Mobile World Asma Tower , Koyilandy, Kozhikode (KL) 4954040662
3g Mobile World Delma Building Mavoor Road Kozhikode , Mavoor, Kozhikode (KL) 4844040667
3g Mobile World Emas Building Ymca Cross Road Kozhikode , Mavoor, Kozhikode (KL) 4954050555
3g Mobile World Kozhikode , Koyilandy, Kozhikode (KL) 9895269607
3g Mobile World Saba Center , Mavoor Road, Kozhikode (KL) 8907227722
3g Mobile World Seema Towers Kozhikode , Mavoor, Kozhikode (KL) 4954040661
3g Mobiles Maniyattukudi Asfa Building, Kozhikode (KL) 9249001001
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